Apple iPhone X – Full Review

The iPhone X is Apple’s newest flagship device, and from first glance, it’s completely different from its previous versions. Let’s take a look at some new features:

  • Face ID
  • Animojis
  • OLED Display
  • True-Tone Display
  • Incredible Processors (A11 Bionic Chip)
  • Wireless Charging
  • 4K Camera (60fps)
  • and a lot more!

Looking above, this is probably one of the biggest leaps Apple has taken in regards to the iPhone. After using the device for over a week, I’ve noticed one thing. Everything works perfectly. Seriously- I’ve had no issues with Face ID, the notch, or any other features about the phone. The lack of home button takes some learning, but it’s not too hard to learn the new gestures.

Probably the worst part about the iPhone X is the price. At $1,000 US, it’s not a cheap phone. However, it’s also incredibly fast, has the best features of 2017, and has an overall premium build quality. So is it worth the price?

I would only buy the iPhone X if you use your phone a lot. If you hardly use technology, then don’t buy something as advanced as the iPhone X. It’s packed with the latest and greatest technology, so only spend that much money if you feel like you’d be able to take advantage of every feature and use it to its fullest.

You can find specs of the device by visiting this page.

If you’re interested in purchasing the phone, or just reading more about it, click here to see it on Apple’s website!

Overall, it’s an impressive device and I recommend it to heavy phone users or tech geeks who want to experience new features on an iPhone. We made a video review on the iPhone 10– check it out!

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