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Flowify – The CodeBot Upgrade

CodeBot has been known as an appnana hack tool for a long time now. It’s one of the only working exploits for appnana, part of that having to do with its functionality. How does CodeBot work, and why hasn’t appnana been able to patch it yet?

CodeBot is a program that creates hundreds of bots through a virtual online server, such as a website or an app. Using the service can be as easy as entering in your referral code and clicking enter. However, due to some changes from appnana, CodeBot now requires that you use AppTracers.

What is Flowify, and how do you use it? Flowify is a software that runs a newer version of CodeBot, except it also runs a software called AppTracers. Flowify is the only working version of CodeBot because it’s the only website that runs both softwares simultaneously, in order to bypass appnana’s new restrictions for downloading apps. Both softwares work together to run hundreds of bots that enter your referral code into appnana.

You can use Flowify simply by clicking here and following the steps. It is recommended that you follow the YouTube tutorial before attempting, because it provides a full walkthrough on how to use the software. However, it’s not required, as using the software can be easy as long as you follow the steps.

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