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How Does Flowify Work?

How does it work? We will go through the steps Flowify takes, from configuring the bots, to adding millions of nanas to your account. If you don’t like reading, feel free to watch the YouTube video on our channel for an even better explanation.

The first step in the process is configuring the bots. Like any automated bots, they need to be programmed in such a way so that it knows which referral code to put in, and how to run it through appnana hundreds of times to generate a substantial amount of nanas. When you click the link to begin the CodeBot process, you will be prompted with a form in which you need to enter your referral code, amount of bots, and other things. Don’t worry- CodeBot doesn’t need your password in order to add the nanas to your account!

Once you provide the bots with your referral code and other information, you can simply click the button labelled “Run CodeBot”, and the process will begin. Our servers are extremely powerful, so it should only take a few minutes to run all the bots through and produce a result. If you select a larger amount of bots to run (ex. 100,000), it may take more time. However, no matter how many bots you request, your code will always be botted because our servers will never get overloaded like the old CodeBot servers once did.

The nanas will be added to your account as soon as you click the “Run CodeBot” button. When you open up your appnana during the process, you may experience cool results, such as the page flickering on and off due to nanas constantly being added to your account. You’ll know that the botting process has completed once you stop getting prompts saying “2,500 nanas has been added to your account” when you open up appnana.

Once the process has been completed, you will have the requested amount of nanas added to your account, and are now able to redeem any card of your choice. Do keep in mind that CodeBot can be run multiple times, so whenever you’re running low, just visit the site.

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