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New CodeBot Interface

After many weeks of development, we are proud to announce the new interface for CodeBot has finally arrived.

The entire CodeBot interface has been redesigned to be simpler, quicker, and overall more user-friendly. We spent a very long time developing to bring you the best experience possible.

Something new you might’ve noticed is the new CodeBot Dashboard. It’s divided into several sections, with the most popular pages displayed from top to bottom. Some of the things it includes is the CodeBot Tool, a Help & Support Forum (for any questions you may have), and several other links to useful pages.

With the improved layout also comes improved functionality. We have doubled our server speed since the last version, and have worked very hard to make CodeBot accessible in every single region for everyone to enjoy. Our servers are online 24/7, and with our new and improved technology, we can run millions of bots at once.

We hope that you enjoy the new layout. If you have any suggestions, feel free to let us know by contacting our support team.

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