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What Are AppTracers?

Ever since appnana updated their website to only allow region-specific apps, CodeBot has been broken. CodeBot relies on having every app available for every region, so when that was changed, so was CodeBot’s functionality. The software used to create the bots and have them run a trace-route, so that the bots could complete offers automatically. However, now that appnana has restricted the offer availability in different regions, tracers do not work unless they are set up by the user.

One of the steps in setting up CodeBot for the first time is configuring your AppTracers. When you fill out the form to send to the server, you must provide an AppTracers script. An AppTracers script is a script that is sent to the server that tells the bots what to do. It’s how CodeBot gets hundreds of bots to complete offers automatically, so that they are able to enter in your referral code. Without a script, CodeBot would simply not work.

Each script is different because they contain information that will only work in specific devices and regions, so you need to make your own script. It took us several months to write the first script for CodeBot years ago, because we didn’t have access to Flowify.

Flowify allows anyone to create an AppTracers script, anywhere, at any time. You don’t need any coding skill at all. All you need to do to get your custom script is run through the same offers appnana uses on their site, except through the Flowify servers. The website then automatically tracks and records the clicks and movements you use to put together a very long file. Once you finish, the file will display on your screen as “AppTracers.txt”, and all you need to do is copy the text onscreen and paste it in the form. Click the “Run CodeBot” button, and you’re all set to go!

If you need any help with obtaining your AppTracers file, contact our support team.

3 thoughts on “What Are AppTracers?

  1. Great article, I just finished setting up my tracers within minutes. Now I can run them as many times as I’d like without going through the process again. Thanks!

  2. Can you please add a 20,000 bots option because there seems to be a 1 hour cooldown whenever I use the bots. Thanks.

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